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PostBroomhilda on Sat Aug 02, 2014 9:56 pm

Mod The Sims (MTS)

*Overlay Piercings
*PiggiStallDoorRecolors.rar--Not sure where this came from..have been trying to find the link to it..???? This is just the download..
*Config Mods HERE
*Object Mods HERE
*Global Mods HERE
*Programs & Utilities HERE

Sims2 Help

* Black square under Sim?
*Sim Shadow Fix (updated 2 JAN 16)

Garden Center
*Desert Landscapes

*Outdoor Shed

Sims2 Discussion
*Keeping the Game Interesting!
*Debt burden in the game. How do you deal with it?
*Tell me about your Integrated/For Sims By Sims hood!

Themed Sets
*A Midsimmer Night's Dream

Recolouring and Cloning Templates
*Recolor Templates for 'Photo Studio', Paintings, Posters

Neighborhoods & CAS Screens
*Elsewhere--Neighborhoods with Lots
*Classic UFO-Deco & Helicopter-Default
*Shadows of Gwrych Medieval Neighborhood (45 Lots TOTAL)
*Stonebridge Alpine Village
*Medieval Town Wall
*Terrain Mod: Country Roads For Grass Neighbourhoods
*Planets- A set of Neighborhood objects
*Clean & Empty Stealth Hood Templates
*Polgannon - A Complete Story Neighbourhood Whodunnit?

*1950's Tow Truck
*Driveable Cop Car
*Fire Truck

Fences & Gates
*Modular Stairs, Fence, Gate & Column Add-Ons
*Seven Simple Fences
*Modern Fence in two Colours-New Mesh

Build Mode Sets
*Victorian Greenhouse Set

*Frames for Easel Painting01
*Guardian of Forever
*Kansascityrose/Sims Kitchen Dishes~Art Deco
*Sim-realistic pictures: Photos – Buildings | Update: template available
*6 Sims 3 Ambitions Statues For Sims 2, For Floor or Surfaces
*Animated Nostalgic Carrousel
*Philip Tseng - Painting Series
*Ladder Frame Recolors
*BV Canvas Poster
*Mix-n-Match Canvas Art & Frames

Walls & Floors
*Transparent Floor Tile Set
*3 tile Mural of an Archway

Doors & Windows
*Some recolors for Hobbit-Hole Build Set
*Diagonal 3t2 Bungalow Windows
*Plain Doors with Doorknobs & Matching Dummy Doors

Facial Hair
*[Barbers Cut] Facial Hair Set

*Annie Modular Sofa

*All in One Bathroom Rustic Recolors
*Broken Bathroom??

*Project " Maiden's bedroom" . Part 1. Bedding (Maxis Recolour)
*Indian Pony Bedding

*Scarborough Kitchen Collection
*Band aid for broken kitchen
*Broken Kitchen

*Mediterranian Dining Set and Patio Wicker Sofa

*"Cherub" Curly Hair for Males

Both Genders
*New Cop Uniform in Town
*Alpha-Editable Dress Top - UPDATED Sept. 24, 2006
*Ladies Pants with Boots (mesh)
*Little Prince: Medieval outfits for your male toddlers

*Postcards Galore

Extracted Maxis Objects & Collections
*OFB Craftable Toy in Proper Catalog

*Fire Service Career w/Fire Engine
*Freelancer Career

*Mini Service Lots: Police & Fire Station
*Star Trek: NCC-1701-A Enterprise
*Alexander Terrace - no CC

*Taylor Island Public Library
*Lighthouse Cove Restaurant

Lots & Houses

Multiple Rooms
*Baskin Robins Set

*Fully Animated Crab Legs

*Electric Water Cooler/Dispenser - Fully Animated
*Cellar - suitable fridge for your shipwrecked/Apocalypsed/medieval sims

*Blacksmith Crafting Station and Suit-of-Armor Servo!
*The Carnival Set (functional) [Update 05/08/07]

*Animated/Functional Value Vending Machine! (Chips, coke, & more)

*Sims 2:Official Site Archive

Red Sonja's Asian and Medieval European Patterned Roofs

The Town Wall--Neighborhood Deco

Medieval town wall--Neighborhood Deco

Medieval Mermaid Gown

No, the windows aren't dirty! ~Privacy Film for your Sims' Windows~


[ Laguz ] - Pose Box

Job Seeking Noticeboard (Two-Tile) - Including Pet Jobs --Object Mod

Anno 1790

Realistic Heart Facetemplate (edited with Milkshape)

Set of CAS face replacement templates

Door & Window "Le Chateau": 2 new meshes!



Fallen Tree Seating

Designable modular stone stairs, with shape options

Brightening up BodyShop for a Spring Cleaning--Programs & Utilities

Game Help:Custom Content

Moroccan All the Way! 2 New Bed Meshes

Moroccan Set Recolours plus more

2 Dresser & 2 Armoire Recolours

4 Base Game End Tables Recoloured

Knight Barracks-Dorm

Object Creation Workshop & Repair Center

Brainania University Subhood

Beekeeper Career

TS4 Shrubby Fence

Medieval Braies Undergarments for Males

Medieval Mermaid Gown

Bleach - Quincy Uniforms M/F Child-Elder

Sim Boutique Clothingrack Updated 080712 B

Medieval toilet and wash-basin

NeptuneSuzy - New Gown Mesh, Bump Map Enabled, Medieval recolor included

"CounterCulture" Modular Kitchen Set *UPD 20mar08*

Fantasy Ponytail Hair Mesh + Textures

Round "Hobbit Hole" Door and Window's set

Some recolors for Hobbit-Hole Build Set

More "Unique" OMSP's (One More Slot Packages)

4 More Shrubs - Meshes

3 New Birch Shrubby Colors

Birch Spriglet

Glass Coffin Vampire Bed

The Mod Squad Presents- The SimStones!! A Complete Themed Set!

Waterfall shower - and tons of rocks!

Horse Drawn Neighborhood Vehicles

Animals for the Farm - Horse, Cow, Pig and Ducks for Pond

By request: Pioneer-HP2 without canvas

More wantfulfilling paintings, as requested...

Low-tech solution to an annoying problem: Musical Pictures!

Medieval Outerwear Set For Adult Female

Layered Medieval Dresses

NL Chef's Stove in Gothic Black

Medieval Dining Complete Set

Maxis Medieval Complete Set 2

Medieval Court Gowns

Nightlife Required - 4 Medieval Dresses

Updated: Tiled Arches and Windows-- now Basegame compatible

7 sets - BTX Modular stairs (JULY 10 new set added)

Authentic Dirt & Stone Terrains

Ghost Hack




Enayla's Downloads

Enayla's Downloads

mustluvcatz's Downloads

mustluvcatz's downloads

generalzoi's Downloads

generalzoi's downloads

plasticbox's Downloads

plasticbox's Downloads

Hair >Female - Adult

Raon Hair #86 Retextures. 5 colors, binned.

Raon 15 and 17 in GIMP versions of pooklet's colors

'Elegant Bun' - 7 binned Retextures (toddler-adult)

Genetics Sets:

Long Elfin Ears -Now Hereditary!

Sci-Fi - Female

Neytiri from Avatar

Sci-Fi - Male

Jake Sully from Avatar (w/ new braid hair mesh)

Body Shop >Skintones

Shiny Skintone Collection

Genetics Sets

GnatGoSplat's Zelda as an additional face template

Sims >Other

Hansel and Gretel with the Gingerbread Witch

Glasses & Other Accessories

Animal kingdom - tails and ears

Claddagh Wedding ring

the second of sword series-the sword of right

Themed Sets

The Dark Project

The Dark Project Discussion

Makeup - Special Effects

Sclera Contacts - Requested (includes alien eyes)


Set Lamp "Classic"

Clothing >Female >Everyday - Adult

Heart of the Forest *dress*

Female Fantasy Faun/Satyr (clothing)

Romantic English Regency

medieval and renaissance gowns

At Last! Medieval Separates for your Unladylike Lass

Fanseefem Casuals - Untuckable Shirts + Slouchy Jeans... for the Laydeez

Clothing >Female >Underwear - Adult

Antique Cream Linen Chemise

Clothing >Female >Everyday - Teen

Teen Girl Medieval Collection

Clothing >Male >Everyday - Adult

Faun or Satyr Male Fantasy Body (clothes)


Butterflysims free mesh 68 retextured

DM Curly Hair


"Cherub" Curly Hair for Males (All Ages!)


UPDATED Eyeshadow / Eyeliner Super Pack : DEFAULT REPLACE, neutrals, colors, glitter, pastel

We've Got Company - Natural Lip Set

Eyelashes 101 - Set of 12 Eyeliners

Pet Objects - Misc

Pet Stuff - Part 3

By Room >Kitchen

Wooden Snack Closet (Includes 4 colors - Animated)

By Room >Multiple Rooms

IKEA *Extras*

Decorative - Miscellaneous

Holiday Lawn Decor

The Sims 2 Opportunity Pack Reference Section, Books & Notes

Decorative - Sculptures

Time To Decorate 2013 Edition

Book with Quill and Ink Pot

Lots & Housing >Community

The High Street Project

Miscellaneous - Fences and GatesFireplaces, Pool Accessories, Columns, Fences & Gates

Moi's fence collection: Invisible Meshless TS2-compatibe Fence, 2-sided fences, Hybrid-fences, postful or postless fences

Build Mode

Pack of FULLY ANIMATED spiral stairs

Surfaces - MiscellaneousCounters, tables, end tables, coffee tables, desks, and park tables.

Full Range Shiftable OMSPs - Closer than we've ever been!

Updated: Get Where You're Going -- Walk Around & Through Blocks

Build Mode >Stairs

Designable modular stone stairs, with shape options

Anime, Comic & Gaming Characters - Female

Princess Zelda - Sim, dress, and hair

Hobbies - Knowledge

Move Over Dahlen

Sims 2 Challenges

Scholarship Challenge - University Requried

Game Mods >Overrides - Other

No Dishes in Bathroom Sinks

Object Mods - Enhanced Maxis Objects

Mod 'ur Dig [custom diggables]

Object Mods - Cheat Tools

Sim Boutique Clothingrack

Hacked COMPUTER (Not Global)

Tomb of Ghost 080712

Object Mods - New Objects

Invisible Fishing Pond (Object Mod) + End-Fishing BHAV Fix (Global Mod)

Become an author ... without a computer

Tutorials for Object Modding


Modding Infocenter - The Resource Node (CRES)

Object Creation Workshop & Repair Center

Object Creation - Meshing >Tutorials for Object Meshing

Sims 2 start to finish Object Creation Tutorial V 2.1

A Guide for quick creation of Colour-Enabled Objects

Short tutorial: how to create NightLife cars

Tutorials for Custom Careers

Tutorials for Custom Careers--MODDERS RESOURCE : Career Outfit Lists

Body Shop Modding Tutorials

Tutorial: Fixing Flashing Blue Accessories

Global Mods - Gameplay Changes

Si'Down with your drink

'Let Kids Be Kids' - Lifespan and School Vacation Mods

Maxis Centerpiece... as Centerpiece! (Centerpiece Enabler for Maxis Small Objects) - Updated 2008/11/23, Added 1 M&G table plant and TV Dinner tray

No Jealousy Unless Married/Engaged/Going Steady

"Write In Diary" Pen Fix.

Global Mods - Added Gameplay

Build/buy mode enabler for pets

Pets and Children share Bed

Fourth-Wall Options

Deadly Neck Bite - Killer Vampires ( new interaction )

Config Mods - User Interface

Faster University Education mod (3 versions - one semester = 48 or 24 or 36 hours)

FIXED ver: "Select your cemetery" after sims died

Programs and Utilities

Sims2Pack Clean Installer (S2PCI) official site

BodyShop Mechanic

IT'S CLEAN-UP SEASON!! - Keep your Downloads folder in order!

Wardrobe Cleaner

Modding Discussions

Body Animation Base Meshes

Tutorial: Making your first custom object animation

MICHE ANIM: Tutorial - "How to make new Sim Animations"

New Animation

Miscellaneous >Poses and Animations

Custom Modeling Poses Overlay Hack V2 w/Face Overlays

Lots & Housing >Community

Broomhilda's Pet Paradise

Neighborhoods & CAS Screens - Maps Only

The Chronicle of Narnia

The Laray road to Ankh-Morpork

Broomhilda's Old Town

Neighborhoods & CAS Screens - Neighbourhood Deco

Recolor of Lethe_s Medieval Town Wall

Winter roads and winter terrain from grase neighborhoods (edited)

More Neighborhood trees!!!

Poses and Animations

Custom Modeling Poses Overlay Hack V2 w/Face Overlays

Custom Modeling Poses Overlay Hack

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Site Owner
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PostBroomhilda on Wed Apr 13, 2016 12:50 pm

I am going to start taking things off of here as I add them to my Dreamwidth Journal..sorry for the inconvenience

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